Idaho - Salmon River

Member Info

Thank you for visiting the Idaho Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association member information page. This page will be used to communicate information about assessment billings and any other information to member companies. Please check back often for new information!

The Board of Directors of the Idaho Association has authorized and called a Class B assessment on the health/disability line of business for the following three insolvencies:

Penn Treaty Network America Insurance Company: $4,000,000
Wasatch Crest Mutual Insurance Company: $125,000
Life and Health Insurance Company of America: $65,000

This assessment will be based on the member companies’ 2016 assessable premium, and will be billed in late September-October, 2017.

If your company does not write health/disability insurance in Idaho, you will not be billed for this assessment. We will not bill companies whose total assessment amount due is less than $10.00, so if your company only writes a very small amount of health/disability in Idaho (approximately $5,000 or less in 2016) and the assessment calculation for your company is less than $10.00, your company will not be billed.